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  • Consoweld Corp 1956 Vintage Catalog Walls Cabinets Plastic Surfacing
Original wall trade vintage catalog for CONSOWELD CORPORATION. Main office was located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Manufacturers of plastic surfacing. Products include kitchen cabinets, bathroom walls, sink tops, backsplashes, counter tops, vanity dresser tops, tables, doors, window wills, push plates, kick plates, toilet partitions, breakfast nooks, bar tops & fronts, showcases, elevator cabs, playrooms, nurseries, baseboards and wainscoting. Good for a colorful lifetime. The only plastic laminate with patterns and colors based on the Cheskin Color System, developed by the Color Research Institute. Unharmed by fruit acids, alcohol and even boiling water. Full color charts and specifications are provided. Unbound from a large 1956 architectural catalog, this unique old four page technical brochure would display wonderful matted and framed. Nice cover graphics. A terrific addition to your retro wall construction library. Pages are detached and may contain a small amount of residual glue on edge.

Consoweld Corp 1956 Vintage Catalog Walls Cabinets Plastic Surfacing

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