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  • Photostat Corp 1931 Vintage Catalog Photographic Copying Machine
Original industrial trade vintage catalog for PHOTOSTAT CORPORATION, was located at 303 State Street, Rochester, NY. Manufacturers of Photographic Copying Machine, Paper, Developing and Fixing Chemicals. Quickly produces photographic copies of everything drawn, written or printed. Recorders make copies on both sides of double coated paper, used especially in State, County and Municipal Recording Offices. Make copies of maps, charts, blue prints, production sheets, analysis, letters, advertising layouts, tabulations, contracts, telegrams, tracings, deeds, wills, court exhibits, reports, manuscripts, pages from books and news items. The paper and chemicals used were manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company. Disbound from a large 1931 industrial catalog, this unique old one page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. A marvelous addition to your retro industrial office equipment library.

Photostat Corp 1931 Vintage Catalog Photographic Copying Machine

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