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Original oil and gas trade magazine vintage ad for PYRENE - CO-TWO, of Newark, NJ. New Radio-Active, Automatic Fire Guard! C-O-Two Pre-Detector System. Detects in the earliest stage, invisible combustion gases, visible smoke, slow smoldering, as well as open flame. Complete Fire Protection, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, Vaporizing Liquid, Soda-Acid, Water, Chemical Foam, and Air Foam. CO2. (The actual image is a clean, off-white color, not a pinkish tone, which is a scanner error). Unique 1955 old petroleum refining industry equipment magazine advertisement. On the reverse side is an ad for UNITED STATE STEEL of Cleveland, OH. American Steel and Wire Division. USS American Tiger Brand Wire Rope for Small Sheaves Use a Wire Rope That's Flexible! Tough! Durable! Tiger Brand Wire Rope - made of our own Monitor Improved Plow Steel - is just the rope you need for pipeline work. Old 1955 petroleum industry equipment magazine advertisement.

Pyrene C-O-Two 1955 Vintage Ad Oil Gas Industry Radioactive Fire Guard

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