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Original luggage trade magazine vintage ad for CHARLES T. WILT COMPANY. Main office was located at 232 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL. Plant was located at 1140 Moore Street, Chicago, IL. Manufacturers of Fine Luggage. World's First Streamlined Flying Bags. Pictured is a train (the Santa Fe), a man & women traveling with their luggage, and a (negro) black porter. This unique 1950 old luggage industry magazine advertisement would display wonderful matted and framed. Nice graphics. On the reverse side are fractional page ads for RUGGED LUGGAGE & TRUCK COMPANY, INC. of New York, NY. Guardian Edge Ensembles in smooth and alligator-grained cowhide. WRIGHT INDUSTRIES, INC of Chicago, IL. Montig Personalized Identification Tag., and an ad for BRAVERMAN & BERMAN, INC. of New York, NY. Two in One File Case. Old leather and luggage advertisements. Approximate page size 9 x 11 inches.

Chas T Wilt Company 1950 Vintage Ad Streamlined Flying Bag World First

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