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 We are an independent group based out of Texas dedicated to the collection, preservation, and enjoyment of antique, vintage advertising and ephemera. Currently, we have over 27,000 unique items available in our inventory.  Many of these are rare or uncommon items, limited to a single publication, including artist signed prints.  We specialize in advertisements and articles from the turn of the century and on, which capture and depict memorable products, music, movies, and other moments of cultural importance.  Our extensive collection of catalogues and manuals are entertaining, educational, and historical, covering a wide variety of topics from car and radio servicing to roofing and flooring.  These can be especially helpful for people working with vintage machinery or electronics that no longer have the original documentation. Law firms, architects and interior designers have also found our extensive product listing invaluable in their research.  We also feature an assortment of beautiful vintage hand-colored maps, prints and engravings starting from the 1850’s.  Our library of books includes many volumes that are first edition or out of print which would be a great addition to any home collection for both personal and professional reference.  These range from historical and medical texts, to self-help and novels.  Or browse through a number of Sams Photofact Manuals, which contain schematics and wiring diagrams for a variety of radios, televisions, wire recorders and other electronic products.These can assist with a professional or hobbyist in the restoration or repair of vintage TVs, radios, and other electronics. 

Vintage prints and maps make a fantastic gift, and display beautifuly matted and framed.   Prints featuring iconic cars, famous movies or musicians are a popular choice.  Look through our collection for your hometown, family name, or business to find rare pieces with a personal or family relevance.  These can be used as a wonderful addition to your family tree or scrapbook.  Use vintage prints, maps and books to supplement historical research, or to enhance a project or report.  The historical accuracy of these materials is also relevant for people doing research for historical or legal reasons.  Consider vintage food ads to decorate your kitchen, car ads for your garage, or fashion ads for your bedroom or dressing room.  This adds an authentic retro and beautiful touch of Americana to any room or style of decor.  Interior decorators and designers would also enjoy referring to period decor and architectural prints for reference and inspiration of retro or mid-century modern designs, as well as Victorian, art deco and art nouveau styling.  

Begin today by choosing from one of the categories above, or by searching for a specific term.  New products are added weekly, so be sure to check our specials and view our most recently listed items in each category.