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  • Abilene Texas 1928 Vintage Ad Oil Field Love Live Capital West Texas
Original oil and gas trade magazine vintage ad for ABILENE, TEXAS. And You Too Will Love to Live in The Capital of West Texas. Standard highways go out in each direction. Seven motor stage lines operate between Abilene and neighboring cities, giving convenient access to all oil developments in the Southwest. A drive of less than eight hours is required to reach the farthest removed parts of the Pecos and Winkler fields. Electricity in West Texas pictures the Skimming plant of the Sweetwater Refining Co., at Sweetwater, the 5,000 Bbl skimming plant of the Bluebonnet Oil Refining Company of Dallas located at Wickett, the largest skimming plant in West Texas owned and operated by Humble Oil & Refining Company at McCamey, the Natural Gasoline Plant of the Big Lake Oil Company in the Big Lake Field, the San Angelo skimming plan of the San Angelo Ref., the Electric drilling installations in The Yates Pool; Plant at McCamey, Texas,the Station at Odessa, Texas, and the Electrical Station located in the Wide Open Spaces from McCamey. On the reverse side of one page is an ad for T.S. Hogan Petroleum Building of Midland, Texas. Architect Wyatt C. Hendrick of Fort Worth, T.S. Hogan Owner, and General Contractor Hickey & Harrington of Dallas, Texas. This unique 1928 old 4-page oilfield petroleum industry magazine advertisement.

Abilene Texas 1928 Vintage Ad Oil Field Love Live Capital West Texas

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