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  • Addressograph Company 1930 vintage printing catalog Speedaumat

Original 1941 industrial printing trade vintage catalog for the ADDRESSOGRAPH COMPANY.  Main office and plant was located at 901 West Van Buren Street, Chicago, IL.

Manufacturers of Graphotype, Addressograph, Dupligraph and Speedaumat.

Addressograph and Speedaumat products find daily use in every department of the newspaper publishing business; from handling expiration and renewal notices, subscription bills, advertising and printing bills, etc., to high speed addressing, wrapping, sorting and distributing publication on time. There are more than 75 uses for addressograph and Speedaumats in the publishing business. They speed the day's work, prevent errors, build circulation, increase space sales, reduce expenses, and increase profits.

Has product image, description and applications provide product details.

Unbound from a large rare 1930 Newspaper Equipment Catalog, this unique old one-page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro printing industry library.

Addressograph Company 1930 vintage printing catalog Speedaumat

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