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  • all you need to know about the irs paul strassels tax guide book

Hard covered book titled  ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE IRS . The Inside Story: What Happens to your Return, who gets Audited and Why... How You can Fight Back and Live without Fear, A Taxpayer's Guide by Paul Strassels with Robert Wool, 1979. 1st Edition. 230 pages.  Paul Strassels, former Tax Law Specialist at the IRS, will take you where no other tax adviser ever has - inside the IRS group mind and its strategy of tax collection. The basis of that strategy is to create fear, as much of it as possible. For the IRS believes that the only honest taxpayer is the anxious and frightened taxpayer. But armed with an insider's knowledge, you will learn: Where gaps exist in the supposedly perfect IRS return processing system, What 24 safe deductions you can take without worry, what 14 risky deductions could trigger an audit, When to file to cut down your chances of an audit, and much more. With no legalese or accountant's jargon, this is an engaging book to read. It will turn you into a cool, savvy taxpayer who knows how to save money and live without fear. It is in VG+ condition. Pages are clean and intact, and the binding is tight. A must have for your finance library!

all you need to know about the irs paul strassels tax guide book

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