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Original door trade vintage catalog for ALLEN AUTOMATIC INCORPORATED. Main office and plant was located at 37 Main Street, Ossining, NY. Factory was located at 21 Water Street, Ossining, NY. Manufacturers of Automatically Operated Doors and Windows. Products also include Gates, Awnings, Blackboards, Curtains, Store Fronts, Orchestra Platforms, Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, Skylights, Bleachers, Bars, Walls and Partitions are featured. Shown is one of seven disappearing store fronts designed and erected for Longchamps Restaurants, New York City, NY. Louis Allen Abramson, Architect. Numerous images and product details are supplied. Unbound from a large 1938 architectural catalog, this unique old two page technical brochure would display wonderful matted and framed. Nice graphics. A terrific addition to your retro door and window library. Pages are detached and may contain a small amount of residual glue on edge. Disbound from a large 1938 building material construction book, these unique two page technical data specification sheets would display wonderfully matted and framed. It would be a marvelous addition to your architecture and engineering library.

Allen Automatic Inc 1938 Vintage Catalog Doors Windows Gates Awnings

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