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  • American Publishers Supply Inc 1930 vintage printing catalog newspaper

Original 1930 industrial printing trade vintage catalog for the AMERICAN PUBLISHERS SUPPLY, INC.  Main office and plant was located in West Lynn, MA.

Manufacturers of Specialties for Printing Newspapers. Auto Plate Supplies.

Auto Plate Supplies includes Steel Pouring Sheets & Stops, Saw Belts, Shaver Belts, Curved Cylinder Brushes, Breaking Pins, Cardboard Tail Pieces, Stereotype Chisels, Form Planers & Mallets, Matrix Shears & Packing Choppers, Stereotypers Brushers, Beating Brushes, Type Brushes, Paste Brushes, Chalk Brushes and Oil Brushes.

Press blankets of all kinds and cutting rubbers. Portable electric hand routing machines and router bits in all sizes. Circular saws and jigsaws in all sizes. Automatic and hand paster and moistening machines for packing felts. Sterling dry matrices and matrix boxes.

Has product description and application to provide product details.

Unbound from a large rare 1930 Newspaper Equipment Catalog, this unique old one-page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed.  A fabulous addition to your retro printing industry library.

American Publishers Supply Inc 1930 vintage printing catalog newspaper

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