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  • Anaconda Copper Mining Company 1921 vintage electrical ad transmission

Original 1921 electrical trade vintage magazine ad for the ANACONDA COPPER MINING COMPANY. (Rolling Mills Dept). General office was located at 111 West Washington Street, Chicago, IL. The mills were located in Great Falls, MT.

Manufacturers of Electrical Transmission Lines.

Energy in its latent form, as it occurs in waterfalls, is transformed by man's inventive genius through turbine and generator to usable electrical power.

Electricity, unlike other forms of power, can be delivered by transmission lines over great distances to any desired point.

ANACONDA Copper Wire.

Anaconda Copper Conductors, through their higher conductivity, deliver this power with minimum loss.

Has product image, illustration, description and application provide product details.

Unbound from a rare 1921 Electrical World magazine, this unique old two-page gatefold technical magazine advertisement would display beautifully matted and framed. Awesome graphics.  Art by W.J. Higgens. A fabulous addition to your retro electrical industry library. Due to scanner limitations, the right edge appears clipped. The actual print is complete.

Anaconda Copper Mining Company 1921 vintage electrical ad transmission

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