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2 books. A soft covered book titled ARTHRITIS RELIEF AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.  Your Guide to Easing Aches and Pains without Drugs, by Michael Reed Gach 1989. (UPC 9780446391566) The power to relieve the pain of chronic joint disease can be within every arthritis suffer's reach - without the unpleasant side effects of therapeutic drugs. Illustrated with hundreds of photographs and line drawings, Michael Reed Gach's strategies for natural hand-on healing can help make your arthritis condition dramatically more livable - in only minutes a day. Rise and shine to a 15 minute morning stretch that wakes up circulation and eases stiffness. Treat yourself to acupressure and massage methods that help bring back flexibility to shoulders, wrists, and hands. Practice Acu-Yoga stretches to reduce spinal tension and alleviate back pain. Learn massages for hips and legs that get you back on your feet fast. Plan exercises to soothe that nagging "pain in the neck." Follow the guide to 12 therapeutic pressure points that can put relief at your fingertips.

The hard covered book is titled THE JOINT HEALTH PRESCRIPTION - 8 WEEKS TO STRONGER, HEALTHIER, YOUNGER JOINTS by James M. Rippe, M.D., 2001, 195 pages.(UPC 9781579544560) If you are among the millions of adults who have joint problems, relief is finally here. This book gives you a program of simple steps that you can take in your daily life to actually improve your joint health and restore your joints to a better condition - in as little as 8 weeks! Both books are in VG+ condition, with the pages clean and intact, and the binding is tight.

arthritis relief and joint health gach rippe aches pain 2 books

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