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Original oil and gas trade magazine vintage ad for GEORGE RENTAL SERVICE COMPANY. and ASSOCIATED OIL FIELD RENTALS of Houston, TX. Pictured is the main office and yard located at 3701 Holmes Road, Houston, TX. Now under the Same Banner. The merger of our two companies has been complete...and the George Rental Service Company is now a member of the fast-growing Associated family. Mr. Wood George will continue to render his high type of service to the oil and gas industry as chairman of our operations committee. Unique 1955 old oilfield petroleum equipment magazine advertisement. On the reverse side is an ad for ALLIS-CHALMERS of Milwaukee, WI. Allis-Chalmers Air or Gas Compressors. Pictures is a Four-stage motor-driven regenerator air compressor, a two-stage sliding van compressor, a single-stage centrifugal compressor, and an axial compressor. Old 1955 petroleum industry advertisement. Approximate size 9 x 12 inches.

Associated Oil Field Rentals 1955 Vintage Ad George Rental Equipment

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