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  • Boiler Tube Company America 1941 vintage heating catalog bent straight

Original 1941 heating trade vintage catalog for the BOILER TUBE COMPANY OF AMERICA.  Main office and plant was located on Preble Avenue at Edgerly Street, Pittsburgh, PA.

Manufacturers of Straight and Bent Tubes for All Types of Boilers.

We supply operators of Bent Tube Type Boilers of all makes with Replacement Tubes, accurately formed and shipped with the utmost dispatch. Tubes carried in stock or the product of the best known manufacturers of boiler tubes, manufactured in conformance with A.S.M.E. specifications. Both standard and extra gauge tubes are available. Seamless Steel, Electrunite Steel and Charcoal Iron are optional with the purchaser. Our tubes fit and give entire satisfaction because all our cutting and bending work is accurately done, and particular attention is paid to detail. We have done away with one of the main objections to bent tube boilers through our ability to supply tubes accurately fabricated and shipped with promptness. Plants operating more than one type of boiler find an additional advantage in buying from us, they can get all their tubes from one source of supply.

Has product images, description and application provide product details.

Unbound from a large rare 1941 Industrial Catalog, this unique old one-page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro heater industry library. 

Boiler Tube Company America 1941 vintage heating catalog bent straight

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