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  • broadcasting publications inc 1973 holiday greetings media vintage ad
‚ÄčOriginal media vintage magazine ad for BROADCASTING PUBLICATIONS INC.  Holiday Greetings from all of us to all of you.  Earl Abrams, Robert Adels, John Andre, Dave Berlyn, Therain Bethea, Philippe Boucher, Steve Brown, Ann Cottrell, Joanne Cowan, Rufe Crater, William Criger, Caroi Dana, John Dempsey, Lucille DiMauro, Lynda Oorman, Laurie Endter, Joe Esser, Rocco Famighetti, Fred Fitzgerald, Leslie Fuller, Sid Mix, Thomas Hundley, Odell Jackson, Ed James, Alan Jarvis, Patricia Johnson, Kwentin Keenan, Doris Kelly, Art King, Sandy Klausner, Esther Kronstadt, Maury Long, Eleanor Manning (ret ), Bill Merrill, Irv Miller, Brenda Otey, Jean Powers, Don Richard, Bruce Robertson (ret ), Dan Rudy, Bob Sander, Michael Shain, Stan Soifer, Harry Stevens, Betty Taisholl, Larry Taishoff, Sol Taishoff, Hy Tash, Patricia Thach, Eunice Weston (ret.), Harnette Weinberg, Don West, Dave Whitcombe, Susan Woolhlser, Susan Yang, ten Zeidenberg.
‚ÄčThis 1973 unique old one page radio and television broadcasting station trade advertisement would display beautifully matted and framed.

broadcasting publications inc 1973 holiday greetings media vintage ad

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