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  • Claridge Products Equipment Inc 1964 Vintage Catalog Chalkboards
Original classroom trade vintage catalog for CLARIDGE PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT INC. of Harrison, AR. Manufacturers of Chalkboards for school classroom. Asbestos contained in Asbestocite, made of long fiber asbestos and Portland cement, hydraulically pressed. Item number 107, 107A, 109, 109A. Thermoroc Everlasting Cement Asbestos Chalkboards is a cement asbestos board which has a smooth, nonglare surface as an integral part of the board. It is made in large stone-like panels of chrysolite asbestos, special grade Portland cement, finely ground silicon dioxide and permanent pigments, all formed under intense pressure. May be washed with any household detergent. Duracit writing surface available in nine colors. Used on all Duracite, Durasteel and Asbestocite Chalkboards. Bulletin Boards, with washable surfaces model 38A, 1109, 1112. Nucork model 380A, and 550 shown. Fabricork vinyl plastic bulletin boards with burlap grain or tangle tweed. Full color charts shown. Snap-on, Screw-On, Slip on trims detailed. Factory built units series 1, 2, 3, and 4 detailed. Adjustable modular units, reversible, and sliding chalkboards shown. Architects specifications are provided. This unique 1964 old thirty six page architectural brochure would make a marvelous addition to your retro designing library. Pages are loose and contain a small amount of residual glue on edge.

Claridge Products Equipment Inc 1964 Vintage Catalog Chalkboards

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