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Original oil and gas trade magazine vintage ad for CLEAVER-BROOKS COMPANY of Milwaukee, WI. Waste Heat goes to Work Makes Pure Water From the Sea. CATC and Cleaver-Brooks join to make history with potable water at zero cost. Pictured is the CATC's off-shore drilling tender, Jack Cleverley at the Levingston Ship-Building Company, Orange, TX. Cleaver Brooks Company is proud to have been part of this event. We salute the CATC Group, including Continental Oil Company, Atlantic Refining Company, Tide Water Associated Oil Company, Cities Service Company, and the Livingston Ship-building Company. Cleaver-Brooks Waste Heat Evaporators are Particularly Adaptable to Off-Shore Drilling Platforms, Tenders and Diesel Barges. Unique 1955 old off-shore petroleum rig equipment magazine advertisement. On the reverse side is an ad for BUCYRUS-ERIE of South Milwaukee, WI. Pushing Pipe Over The Continental Divide. Laying a 30 inch gas line over a 7,000 foot mountain in winter temperatures as low as 10 blow zero is a job for experienced men and tough machines. R.H. Fulton and Company had plenty of both when they tackled a 252 mile assignment on the leg between Coroana and Gallup, NM. Eight Bucyrus-Erie 22-B drag-shovels were used for trenching. Other equipment included a 15-B and 22-B clamshell and a 22-B Transit Crane. Old 1955 petroleum industry magazine advertisement. Approximate page size 9 x 12 inches.

Cleaver-Brooks Company 1955 Vintage Ad Off-Shore Oil Well Waste Heat

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