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  • Dinsmore Mfg Company 1938 vintage textile ad mill sewing machines

Original 1938 textile trade vintage ad for DINSMORE MANUFACTURING COMPANY.  Main office and plant was located at 288 Derby Street, corner of Liberty Street, Salem, MA.

Manufacturers of Textile Mill Sewing Machines.

Products include:

Model No 1 - Dinsmore Railway Sewing Machine,

Model No 3 - Portable Automatic Motor-driven Railway Sewing Machine,

Model No 11 - Motor-driven Butted Seaming Machine, 

Model No 9 - Portable Rotary Sewing Machine,

Model No 8 - Motor-driven Rotary Machine,

Model No 4 - Opening and Winding Machine,

Improved Gear-type Foot-power Rotary Machine,

Rayer and Lincoln Rotary Sewing and Trimming Machine,

Improved Oscillating Looper Sewing Head.

All of the above listed are featured. Has numerous product images, descriptions, applications and specifications provide extensive product details. Unbound from a large 1938 Textile World Yearbook and Catalog, this unique old one-page brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro textile industry library. 

Dinsmore Mfg Company 1938 vintage textile ad mill sewing machines

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