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  • family fun and games old and new 800 page book

Hard covered book titled FAMILY FUN & GAMES. 1994, 800 pages. This illustrated reference book brings together more than 650 games, card games, and variations that can provide hours of entertainment for family and friends. Some of the games are old favorites, others are examples of interesting and challenging games from foreign countries and ancient times. There are games from simple party games for young children to the complexities of Chess and Go. Board games, dice games, party games, games using pencil and paper, dominoes, coins, marbles, or no equipment at all are among those included in this fascinating compendium. Detailed rules of play are given step by step for each game. The clear instructions are complemented by explanatory diagrams. The number of players and the equipment needed for each game are also listed, with suggestions for improvised equipment for the less familiar games. This book is in Good condition. Pages clean and intact, and the binding is tight. The dust jacket is torn and has been taped across the top. Anyone with an interest in the family games should not miss having this book in their library!

family fun and games old and new 800 page book

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