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  • Grant Corp 1981 vintage oil gas catalog oilfield equipment tubular

Original 1981 Oil and Gas trade vintage catalog for the GRANT CORPORATIONS.  Main office was located at 263 North Belt East, Houston, TX.

Manufacturers of Oilfield Equipment.

Grant Corporations is the parent company of six subsidiary companies, which distribute, worldwide, oil country tubular and industrial products, as well as manufacturers drilling strings. The products of five of these companies serve the petroleum drilling and production industry and are described herein. The sixth, Grant Supply Company, distributes line pipe, exchange tubing, valves and fittings to the petrochemical refining and processing industry, and is therefore not included in this catalog.

Tubular Finishing Works office is America's only manufacturing source for the complete drill string product. It upsets, he treats and inspects its own drill pipe. TFW also he treats threads and inspects its own tool joints enjoins the tool joint and drill pipe by friction welding to produce the complete drill string. TFW also provides hardfacing and manufacturing small diameter work strings.

Grant Oil Country Tubular Corporation is a domestic distributor of premium joint and API casing and tubing, as well as oilfield equipment.

Grant Supply Company 

Grant World Trade Corporation exports, worldwide, American made petroleum products through agency representatives throughout the world.

Grant Corporation, S.A. distributes foreign manufactured oil country tubular products and drilling strings outside the United States and Canada. 

Grant Corporation, Ltd. distributes in Canada API and premium joint casing and tubing, and TFW drilling strings.

Has product images, illustrations, description, application and specifications charts provide product details.

Unbound from a large rare 1980-1981 Composite Catalog, this unique old eleven page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro oilfield petroleum industry library. Pages are loose. (1980-1981 Composite Catalog).

Grant Corp 1981 vintage oil gas catalog oilfield equipment tubular

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