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  • Hurley-Johnson Corp 1938 vintage textile ad Kenyon Moulton Duxbury

Original 1938 textile trade vintage ad for HURLEY-JOHNSON CORPORATION.  Main office was located at 25 Walker Street, New York City, NY and also at 15 Pine Street, Providence, RI. 

Importers and Dealers in Supplies for Bleachers, Dyers, Engravers and Textile Printers.

Sole Agents in the United States for:

James Kenyon & Son, Ltd. - Celebrated Javelin Brand.

Linen and Wool Printing Machine Lappings, Patent Seam Endless Cotton Blankets, Endless Wollen Printing Blankets, Endless Woolen Belts for Sanforizing, Endless Woolen Palmer Machine Belts, Endless Woolen Sieve Cloths, Endless Woolen Jackets and Sleeves, Woolen Steaming Blankets, Decating Aprons - Machinery Cloths, Paper Maker Felts, Clearer, Roller and Slasher Cloths for Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers.

Geo. Moulton, Ltd.

Complete Equipment for engraving Shop, Pantograph Machines, Mill Engraving Machines, Copper Roller Turning Lathes, Opaque Cameras, Clamming Machines for Mills and Dies, Impressioning and Proofing Machines.

Yates Duxbury & Sons, Ltd.

Cotton Calendar Roll Paper, Linen Calendar Roll Paper and Woolen Calendar Roll Paper. 

Unbound from a large 1938 Textile World Yearbook and Catalog, this unique old one-page brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro textile industry library. 

Hurley-Johnson Corp 1938 vintage textile ad Kenyon Moulton Duxbury

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