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Hard covered book titled LIZARDS IN CAPTIVITY by Richard Wynne, 1981, 189 pages. The rich diversity of lizards has always made them popular subjects in terraria, but it has also made many of them difficulty to keep. Here is all the information necessary to successfully keep over 80 kinds of lizards, everything from common anoles to rare zonosaurs. Included in information on habitats, cage requirements, food, and young, among other topics. Chapters on housing, food, diseases, and reproduction round out the book and help make it one of the most comprehensive on its subject. With over 50 lizards illustrated in full color photos plus many more in black and white, it also serves as an excellent identification guide to the lizards commonly available in the pet trade. This reptile book is in VG condition, pages clean and intact, and the binding is tight. Anyone with an interest in lizards should not miss having this book in their library!

lizards in captivity richard wynne reptile book

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