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  • passport cases sell in chicago 1950 swartz excise tax vintage article

Original vintage luggage and leather  industry trade magazine article for PASSPORT CASES SELL ACTIVELY IN CHICAGO by Merrill R. Swartz.  Luggage customers wait for the federal excise tax action.  John Vogel at Von Lengerke and Antoine shows leaping sales of passport cases showed that the travel bookings were being made, even if they had to use last year's luggage to make the trip.  Passport cases were even selling better than wallets.    Saul Levinthal at The Emporium reported business was still quiet, the same old story about the tax.  Men's billfolds with pass compartments were still the best sellers.  John Campbell at Marshall Field and Company reported unit sales were encouraging, but the best movers were low priced merchandise and a new line of lightweight long bound luggage.  Ed Mannheimer of Mandel Brothers noted that the public is finally beginning to realize that the tax is not coming off tomorrow morning.  Their time was catching up with their travel requirement.s  Women's luggage has shown in increase in percentage of sales at Mandels' but women are still price conscious and are looking for true bargains.  Old 1950 luggage and leather industry article.

passport cases sell in chicago 1950 swartz excise tax vintage article

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