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  • Patterson-Ballagh Corp 1944 vintage oil gas catalog oilfield protector

Original 1944 Oil and Gas trade vintage catalog for the PATTERSON-BALLAGH CORPORATION. Main office and plant was located at 1900 East 65th Street, Los Angeles, CA.

Manufacturers of Oilfield Protectors and Equipment.

Products include Casing Protectors, Special Lip Protectors, Drill Pipe Stabilizers, Protectors Removal Tools, Installing Paste, Hydraulic Installation Equipment, Service Tools, Kelly Sub Protectors, Mud Guns, Rubber-Lined Mud Gun Nozzles, Pipe Wipers, Wire Line Guides, Safety Swivel Bail Bumpers, Kelly Wipers, Wire Line Wipers, Tubing Protectors and Sucker Rod Wipers are all fully featured.

Has numerous product images, illustrations, description, application and specifications charts to provide product details. Many shop images shown with workers.

Unbound from a large rare wartime 1943-1944 Catalog of Oil Field Equipment, this unique old twenty-eight page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro petroleum industry library. Pages may contain residual glue on the edge. (1944 Catalog).

Patterson-Ballagh Corp 1944 vintage oil gas catalog oilfield protector

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