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Original leather goods trade magazine vintage ad for PROGRESSIVE LEATHER GOODS COMPANY. Main office and factory was located at 33 West 34th Street, New York City, NY. Billfold, Hang-a Pak, Humatic Tobacco Pouch. Leather Goods. For Astronomical Sales Figures! This unique 1950 old leather industry magazine advertisement would display wonderful matted and framed. Nice graphics. (Scan shows a slight pink tint that is not part of the actual ad). On the reverse side are fractional page ads for BELLEVUE LEATHER PRODUCTS, INC. of Philadelphia, PA. Ladies Ensembles and Men's Popular Luggage. Under the supervision of Mr. Harry Beiles and Miss Florence Ivey. And an ad for PETER'S BAG & NOVELTY CORPORATION, of New York, NY. Permabilt Bags Coronet Grain. Old leather and luggage advertisement. Approximate page size 9 x 11 inches.

Progressive Leather Goods Company 1950 Vintage Ad Astronomical Sales

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