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  • Ray-Signs Corp 1930 vintage road catalog Rayflectors night visible

Original 1930 trade vintage catalog for the RAY-SIGN CORPORATION.  Main office and plant was located at Nicoll and Canner Streets, New Haven, CT.

Manufacturers of RAYFLECTORS, patented reflecting devices scientifically designed for the purpose of utilizing light from automobile headlights or other outside sources, to make highway and warning signs visible at night. They can be applied in a very simple manner to wood or metal signs of all kinds for the purpose of outlining letters or symbols. Visible for great distances. RAYFLECTORS are so constructed that the reflected light is visible to the motor car operator for great distances and at wide angles, and are therefore extremely useful on all types of roadside signs. They in no way distract from the daytime efficiency of the signs. Practically indestructible. RAYFLECTORS are so constructed that when properly applied to signs or other devices, they are practically indestructible and maintain their efficiency indefinitely, under all climatic conditions.

Has numerous product images, description and applications provide product details.

Unbound from a large rare 1930 Municipal Index, this unique old two-page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro industry library. Pages are loose.

Ray-Signs Corp 1930 vintage road catalog Rayflectors night visible

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