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Original old building material vintage catalog RAYMOND CONCRETE PILE COMPANY of New York City, NY.  Step, Taper, Pile Shell. A Building is Only as Good As Its Foundation.  Pictured is an Office Building in Houston, Texas, John Eberson, Architect. Test Borings and Soil Investigation, Working Loads, Concrete Pile Advantages and more.  Bank and Office Building in Greensboro, NC is pictured, Hartman, Engineer.  Equitable Life Building, Des Moines, Iowa, Sears Roebuck Building, Miami, Florida.  Disbound from a large 1938 construction book, these unique 35 page technical data specifications sheets may contain a small amount of residual glue, and pages may be loose. It would make a sensational addition to your architectural engineering library.

raymond concrete pile company 1938 step taper shell vintage catalog

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