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  • Research Products Corp 1941 vintage heating catalog air filter

Original 1941 industrial heating trade vintage catalog for the RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORPORATION.  Main office and plant was located in Madison, WI.

Manufacturers of Research Air Filters for Industrial Air Filtering and Conditioning.

Extended test show that these patented construction viscus adhesive in pigment type air filters made of superimposed layers of expanded fiber sheets are highly efficient in dust, pollen and bacteria removal and that these impurities are held firmly in the filter element. Research air filters are made in standard styles to ensure efficient operation of all types of heating and ventilating systems.

Has product images, illustration, description, application and specifications chart to provide product details.

Unbound from a large rare 1941 Industrial Catalog, this unique old one-page technical brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro industry library.

Research Products Corp 1941 vintage heating catalog air filter

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