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  • the mummys tale scientific medical investigation of natsef-amun book

Hard covered book titled THE MUMMY'S TALE, THE SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL INVESTIGATION OF NATSEF-AMUN, PRIEST IN THE TEMPLE AT KARNAK, Edited by Dr A.R. David and Dr E. Tapp, First US Edition, 1993, 176 pages. Natsef-Amun was a priest and scribe at Karnak in Ancient Egypt. He lived and worked in the reign of Ramesses XI, more than 3,000 years ago. When he died his body was mummified and buried in a manner befitting his rank. During excavations in the 19th century at Deir el Bahri, his coffin and mummy were found and transported to Europe, where the mummy was eventually purchased by a Leeds banker. Recently, Dr Rosalie David and the member of the Manchester Mummy Research Project were given the opportunity to perform a new examination using all the new scientific techniques available. Using radiology, CT-scans, endoscopy and histology, serology and dental studies, a modern autopsy was performed on Natsef-Amun more than 3,000 years after his death. Illustrated with dozens of fascinating photographs.  This book is in VG+ condition, pages clean and intact, and the binding is tight. A must have for your library!

the mummys tale scientific medical investigation of natsef-amun book

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