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  • tuning a racing yacht mike fletcher bob ross boat book

Hard covered book titled TUNING A RACING YACHT by Mike Fletcher with Bob Ross, 1974, 128 pages. The author shows in this book what makes a boat go and how to make it go faster. He sets out basic tuning techniques for sailing boats of all kinds, and gives specialized tuning methods for a selection of popular racing classes... Dragon, Soling, Thunderbird, Flying Dutchman, Fireball, 16-footer, Contender, Finn, OK dinghy, Heron, Sabot, and catamarans. There is also a wealth of information on mailsails, headsails, and spinnakers, on battens and how to make them, on masts and spars, rigging, and boat fittings, and on the finer points of sail setting and trimming, on sheeting angles, cloth weights, flexible masts and booms, rigging tension, and adjustment devices. There are more than a hundred photographs and diagrams. ISBN 0393031764.  This book is in VG+ condition, pages clean and intact, and the binding is tight.

tuning a racing yacht mike fletcher bob ross boat book

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