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  • understanding einsteins theories of relativity stan gibilisco book

Soft covered book titled UNDERSTANDING EINSTEINS THEORIES OF RELATIVITY  Man's New Perspective on the Cosmos  by Stan Gibilisco, with 158 Illustrations, 1983, 208 pages.  

This book offers illuminating coverage of such topics as the speed of light, simultaneity, time distortion, distortion of space and ass, journeys to the stars, dimensions and hyperspace, the theory of general relativity, anomalies in space, and the structure and evolution of the universe.  

Readers with an inquisitive bent for cosmic affairs will enjoy this mind-stretching journey into the mysteries and majesty of the physical universe, where they'll share the author's explanations and speculations about why the speed of light is the speed of time, whether it may be possible to travel backward in time, how black holes are formed, how it is possible that space is curved, and much more!

This book is in VG+ condition,  pages clean and intact, and the binding is tight.

understanding einsteins theories of relativity stan gibilisco book

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