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  • US Bobbin Shuttle Company 1938 vintage textile ad tension loom warp

Original 1938 textile trade vintage ad for US BOBBIN & SHUTTLE COMPANY.  Main office and plant was located in Lawrence, MA.

Manufacturers of Textile Bobbins.

Products include US Flat Bobbin, US Unit Tension Shuttle, US Jackson Tension Shuttle, US Worsted Tension Shuttle, US Automatic Loom Bobbin, US Warp Bobbin and US Cardroom Bobbin are all featured. Better Bobbins - Spools - Cones - Shuttles. 

The complete line includes: For Wool and Worsted - plain and positive tension shuttles, spinning, twisting and automatic loom bobbins, spools for all processes. For Cotton: cardroom bobbins, skewers, warp bobbins, special bobbins for long draft spinning, filling bobbins, cones, rolls, spools (wood, metal and fibre head) plain and automatic shuttles, automatic loom bobbins. For Sil and Rayon: automatic loom bobbins, flat bobbins, quills, positive tension shuttles for both bobbin and shuttle-changing looms, flat shuttles, fibre head spools. 

Has numerous product images, descriptions, and applications provide extensive product details. Unbound from a large 1938 Textile World Yearbook and Catalog, this unique old one-page brochure would display beautifully matted and framed. Nice graphics. A fabulous addition to your retro textile industry library. 

US Bobbin Shuttle Company 1938 vintage textile ad tension loom warp

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