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Vintage Music Articles

Original vintage music magazine articles display wonderfully matted and framed.  Unique old collectibles for Gimme The Old Payola.  Radio Disc Jockey bribery. 

gimme on the old payola 1950 radio disk jockey bribery vintage article
Original vintage magazine article titled, GIMME, GIMME, GIMME ON THE OLD PAYOLA   As Probers turn from TV to Radio, Clear Evidence of Disk Jockey Bribery Crops Up. New York Disk Jockey William B. Williams shows what spurs the Payola - the hot competition of the 8,000 records a deejay receives each year.  A Deejay's Expose - And Views  by Ed McKenzie.  Los Angeles DJ Dick Whittinghill, Boston Bob Clayton at WHDH, Washington Milt Grant, Chicago DJ Jim Mills, Baltimore Buddy Deane, Chicago Howard Miller, DJ Dick Clark, New York rock'n' roller Alan Freed WABC, Cleveland Bill Randle.  4 pages.Approximate size 10  x  14 inches..

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room acoustics for stereo 1963 by david p eisenman vintage article
​​​Original vintage article for ROOM ACOUSTICS For Stereo by David P. Eisenman.  To get the most from your stereo sound, you have to have a room. Most present day recording are furnished with built-in acoustics.  The recording engineer attempts to capture not only the sound of instruments and voices but the acoustical ambience of the concert hall or studio in which the performance takes place.  He deliberately takes into account the probable acoustic surroundings, such as the average living room in which the recording will normally be heard. This unique old five page 1963 high fidelity trade magazine article would make a nice accompaniment to your vintage stereo equipment...

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