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Hard covered book titled WINCHELL, GOSSIP, POWER AND THE CULTURE OF CELEBRITY by Neal Gabler, 1994, First Edition. 681 pages. This is a biography of the most powerful and, at times, the most feared American journalist of this century - the inventor of the gossip column and the principal architect of the culture of celebrity in which we now live - Walter Winchell. His columns revealed who was cavorting with gangsters or chorus girls, who was engaging in financial shenanigans, whose husband was compromisingly sighted with whose wife. By legitimizing gossip he forever shattered the taboo against what could be said about celebrities in the media. This book is in VG+ condition. pages are clean and intact, and the binding is tight. Anyone with an interest in Walter Winchell and journalism should not miss having this book in their library!

winchell by neal gabler journalist 1st edition walter gossip book

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