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  • wood frame house construction by lo anderson engineering book

Soft covered book WOOD FRAME HOUSE CONSTRUCTION by L. O. Anderson, Engineer Forest Products Laboratory,  Forest Service U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Handbook No. 73, revised July 1970, 223 pages.

This book presents sound principles for wood-frame house construction and suggestions for selecting suitable materials that will assist in the construction of a good house. It is also meant as a guide and handbook for those without this type of construction experience. It sets forth what are considered to be acceptable practices in assembling and arranging the parts of a well-designed wood-frame house, and deals with established methods of construction. Construction details for houses are given in a series of drawings with accompanying text, which show the methods used in assembling the various parts. The order of presentation conforms to the normal sequence of constructing the building, from foundation to finish work. The final chapters add information on painting, protecting wood from decay and fire, and maintenance. A glossary of housing terms is also included at the back to aid with unfamiliar or specific word usage.

This book is in VG condition. Pages clean and intact,  binding tight. This would make a wonderful addition to anyone interested in wood frame construction.

wood frame house construction by lo anderson engineering book

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