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Original heating trade vintage catalog for ANEMOSTAT CORPORATION OF AMERICA. Main office and factory was located at 10 East 39th Street, New York City, NY. Manufacturers of High Velocity Air Diffusers. This is a device which assures draftless distribution of any volume of air at any velocity. Type B, A and C also with light fixtures. Used at American Air Lines, Inc, Rockefeller Plaze, the Auditorium of the America Radiator Building and the residence of Harold R. Medina, Esq. of Westhampton, Long Island, NY. Disbound from a large 1938 industrial heating catalog, this unique old three page technical brochure would display wonderfully matted and framed. A marvelous addition to your retro heating equipment library.

Anemostat Corp America 1938 Vintage Catalog High Velocity Air Diffuser

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